Campaign Save Christian America (booklet)

Campaign Save Christian America  (booklet)
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What can God’s people do when the religious and moral foundations of our country are under attack? Is there any hope for the righteous during the end days? Learn what you need to do to keep you and your family safe during troubled times. Could You Be Caught? The Devil is a cunning enemy. He lays traps that are well-hidden and devious. This booklet will help you identify and avoid those traps, and escape from them if you have fallen into one. An eye-opening booklet that will change the way you look at spiritual warfare.

The battles and struggles we face in the Christian life are not meaningless and empty—they have a purpose. And we have a promise that if we are faithful to obey and follow God, He will richly reward us. Turn your heart upward and rejoice in the good plans God has for your life. To learn more about God’s plan for America, the enemy’s plan of attack, and what you can and should do about it, we have prepared a special booklet that is available in a PDF at no cost or obligation. You’ll learn how God has worked in the past in our history, what the Bible foretells for our end time days, and why the enemy has been so successful in attacking God’s people—and most importantly, what you can do about it! We offer this PDF booklet to you free of charge. You may also order printed copies online at the very low cost of .30 cents each, plus shipping, via U.S. mail.

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